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Sculpted Acrylic

If you are looking for length, and strength acrylic is a great option. Its the best option for nail biters. I sculpt all of my full sets using YoungNails Acrylic System. I use a forms and build the base, apex, and extension all with acrylic. I have a variety of colored acrylics, and glitter acrylics to choose from. Choose from over 100 glitters to custom mix your own. Add dried flowers, money, gold foils, snakeskin and so much more to encapsulate into the acrylic. Find your right shade from the 200+ quality gel polishes OPI, The Gel Bottle, Tammy Taylor, and more. Finish the look with matte or glossy top coat. Every hand service ends with a hydrating sugar scrub, pineapple or fragrance free.