fancypants 323
I just love Claws by Mily! I lost my long time manicurist last year and wandered around being disappointed until I was referred to Mily. She does fantastic work... She even ordered some coral color polished for me. I highly recommend Mily 👍💯😎
My first experience at Claws by Milagros was PHENOMENAL. My nail technician, "Milly", was amazing. She was hilarious, professional, thorough, very attractive, and took great care of me. I've never been to a place as clean and new looking as this. Most of the time the other places I've been had broken chairs and stuff. Not here. So I normally just get my feet done when I go to nail salons. I'm just very insecure about my finger nails because I'm a biter. After talking to her about them, I just felt so comfortable with her, so I gave it a shot. I've never seen them look so great. Like night and day! I am definitely going to go back to Claws by Milagros. I highly recommend this spot to everyone. Thanks again!
Krysteen Perkins
Milagros is simply amazing. I’m beyond pleased with my service! Not only does she use nail forms to sculpt the nail, she’s gentle and really did work some Magic to my nubby fingers. I recommend all nail bitters to book a appointment I promise you will not be disappointed.
Ivy Siphan
I have visited Claws by Milagros a few times and I've enjoyed all my appointments with Milly. She is kind, respectful, and definitely dedicated to provide the best customer service. My pedicures left my feet feeling nice and soft and my gel manicures lasted between 2- 2 1/2 weeks. I'm not a gentle person so the fact the manicures lasted that long has been quite shocking. Great service and great conversation, and I can't wait to make my next appointment.
kaitlin burns
Milagros is amazing at what she does! I was searching forever to find a nail artist who was clean, professional, and a true artist in their craft. Milagros is truly that! She is very professional and on time! She takes cleanliness and product safety very seriously which I appreciate. She is also truly creative when it comes to nail art. She was able to give me the acrylic nails of my dreams with just one photo for reference (a blurry photo at that!). My set has lasted wonderfully for 3 weeks with no chipping, breaks, or falling off. This has never been the case for me as I am a nail biter and usually always end up messing them up. Milagros’s quality is really top notch! I recommend everyone to see her, especially nail biters as she doesn’t judge and truly understands and cares about boosting your nail self esteem!
Anne Lightoller
I was referred to Millie through a professional relationship and I was so so pleased with her services!!!! She had excellent ventilation was clean neat on time and did such a great job on my nails acrylic with gel overlay and my pedicure!! She was also able to refer me to a great woman across the hall who did my eyebrows waxed and everything. Millie is an excellent example of what America stands for, it was a pleasure to sit and Converse with her the couple hours I was there...... I have referred a friend already and would highly recommend Millie for any and all nail spa services. She also has an awesome line of foot care products!!! My entire experience was a pleasure!!!🦩🥰
cristy giaimo
Milly is a great artist when it comes to nail art. I got my nails done by her for the first time and they came out looking amazing. She did ombré, full set acrylic nails. She is also very friendly and personable. I would definitely recommend her for anyone that likes to go outside of the box!