Cuticle Oil

Apply cuticle oil daily. This will keep your cuticles nourished and keep your enhancements looking newer for longer. Dehydrated nails will become brittle and separate from the acrylic or gel. Purchase your cuticle oil dropper after your appointment for $5. When you run out, come back to refill it for $3.


Footlogix is a pedicure system made by podiatrist for the skin of your feet. DD CREAM MOUSSE “Double-Defense” treatment for feet. This is a super hydrating, yet lightweight, unique mousse with Urea an anti-aging and rejuvenating formula. It is absorbed immediately, locking moisture into the skin.


This formula contains clotrimazole, an effective anti-fungal agent, effective in treating dry, rough, scratchy, sand-paper-like skin prone to fungal infections. Also contains Urea to help lock in moisture. Ideal for Diabetics, seniors, and those who are immune-compromised.

Cracked Heel Formula

This unique mousse is proven to moisturize and effectively eliminate deeply cracked skin, thick calluses, rhagades, and fissures. Contains Urea to hydrate and lock in moisture into the skin. It also has Primrose Oil, an anti-inflammatory.

Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture Spray

Odorless, spray formula is easy to apply, with a pin-point spray. Contains clotrimazole, an effective anti-fungal agent. Contains Panthenol and Avocado oil to transform unsightly, discolored toenails to their optimum health. This is a preventative, not treatment. Please contact your doctor for treatment.


Proven to effectively to kill odor-causing bacteria. This formula contains Tea Tree oil to neutralize foot odor and Menthol to cool the skin and leave a refreshing scent. This is an easy to use spray that allows a controlled target application.


Formulated with Tea Tree oil, this formula effectively kills odor-causing bacteria in shoes in seconds and leaves a refreshing scent. This Formula will not harm leather or canvas. This is an easy to use spray that allows a controlled target application.

Foot Nanny Rescue Dry Buff

The fastest and easiest way to remove dry and calloused skin off the bottoms of your feet and targeted areas like corns.